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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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Control4 Configuration Tool

Let’s take a moment and turn to the electronic house sector for a new and exciting tech product: Composer Express from home automation leader Control4. With this device a technician is able to configure most one-room home theaters in very short order, or set up hundreds of devices in the most complex whole-home installations in a few hours by using a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet or smartphone. This is done by simply walking around the building, installing devices and having Composer Express auto-integrate them into the Control4 system. According to the manufacturer, the product makes home theater setup 70% faster. It uses Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), Control4’s powerful Internet-of-Things (IoT) discovery technology, to automatically find all SDDP-enabled components on the network. The technician can integrate devices into the system with a single touch. Composer Express also provides easy access to an online library of thousands of devices (including ZigBee). — Dolph

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