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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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Milestone Centralized VMS Control

Have you ever noticed how certain industry leaders keep on leading the band year after year? Milestone is one of those leaders and this year I could not help but recognize the wonderful job the VMS leader has done with its latest Interconnect system. While Milestone has been known for its integration technology, this offering is a unique system concept that allows all the vendor’s VMS products to be interconnected with Milestone’s premium software, XProtect Corporate. This allows the design of a large-scale and geographically dispersed solution where each independent surveillance system can be chosen with the required functionality and price in mind, while still offering the benefits of a centralized surveillance system. Due to its unique features, Milestone Interconnect is especially suited for specific verticals such as retail chains, transportation installations, companies offering surveillance services and city surveillance. — Dolph

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