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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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3M Multi-ID Access Reader

3M has always been a leader in innovative technology, and the introduction of the CR5400 double-sided IK1 reader is one of its latest security creations. This device gives businesses a simple way to confidently verify and authenticate driver’s licenses, municipal ID cards, insurance cards and more. There is no wrong way to insert a card into the reader, so employees need little to no training to use it. Users simply drop in an ID and the reader checks it in less than four seconds, reading the front and back simultaneously to compare the printed region, barcodes and magnetic stripe data. Color-coded LED lights give the user a real-time response; a green light means the ID is valid. Once the card is read, the reader automatically ejects it. The CR5400 reader is also available with optional software that checks government-issued IDs against a database to verify authenticity. — Dolph

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