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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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Louroe Audio Analytics

This year I am featuring a favorite old-time audio security company: California’s Louroe Electronics. The firm has once again captured my fancy, this time due to its innovative new audio analytics line. Did you know that 90% of physical aggression is preceded by verbal aggression? What if the clerks in a convenience store could use audio aggression detection to be alerted of possible escalating aggression in a customer? The Aggression Detector, one of Louroe’s audio analytics kits, may help with this scenario. Other audio analytics kits include: a car alarm detector that automatically identifies most common car alarm sound patterns; a glass-break detector that provides real-time detection of glass breaks with automated triggers; and a gunshot detector that effectively detects sounds made by the discharge of most firearms. The latter is a good option for today’s active shooter scenarios. — Dolph

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