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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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Platinum Tools Cable Connectors

I recall the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” I would especially have to agree with the selection of my next product. It is the EZ-DataLock strain relief from the ever-popular Platinum Tools. This seems to be a trend as you may also recall in the past my referencing to the popular EZ-RJ45 plug as well. It is becoming more and more apparent that when it comes to data equipment security, even the smallest detail can be of great importance and deterrence. The patented design of the EZ-DataLock provides economical extra physical data protection by locking cable connections in place. We in the security industry are old-time experts at anti-tampering techniques. These secured data connectors can only be removed easily and safely with the ‘Key-Holder’ that unlocks it by removing the red locking pin. The device also doubles as a snag-proof strain relief. — Dolph

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