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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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Comnet Ethernet Over CopperLine

OK, I went off the reservation and picked a product family rather than a single product. There was madness to my method as most products that offer to extend the limits of LAN connectivity to 100 meters do only part of the job, leaving systems integrators to figure out the rest of the puzzle. Not so with the ComNet CopperLine product family that addresses the whole solution of stretching Ethernet communication highways over existing coaxial copper infrastructure. As an example, surge protection across long copper runs can be significant for areas of high lightning activity or even random surges, so the CLSEP unit provides protection concurrent with IEC55024 immunity characteristics including electrostatic discharges. Next, how about some help focusing those pesky IP cameras . . . and poof . . . the CL-SETUP tool appears to provide a simple way for installers to set up and test camera performance before moving the ladder or lift. Now the tough part: making round cables fit into square holes of a network switch. The CL-SFP small form factor adapters (used in pairs) allows 2-wire twisted pairs or coax to carry full 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet bandwidth extended distances to meet your customer’s needs while reducing new backbone wire pulls. — Boucherle

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