Video Compression Gets Optimized With Smart H.265+

Dahua’s Smart H.265+ is a more effective and affordable video compression solution for systems integrators to utilize for their end user customers.

As the need for high resolution surveillance cameras increases, so does the need for storage. End users need an affordable and convenient solution to store their high quality video.

H.265 video compression solves this dilemma by providing higher compression rates that reduce the design flow rate in order to lower the cost of storage and transmission.

Dahua Technology takes this standard to the next level with Smart H.265+, an optimized implementation of the H.265 standard, offering an additional bandwidth savings of 20%-30% as compared to standard H.265 compression and up to 80% compared to H.264 video compression.

Smart H.265+ is able to save bandwidth with the following enhancements:

Scene-Adaptive Encoding Strategy

Scene-adaptive encoding implements a differentiated strategy based on smart scene analysis that includes the consideration of light, noise, motion conditions and enjoinments.

Scene-adaptive encoding is designed to not only ensure the human vision perception of the surveillance scene, but also improve the encoding efficiency.

Dynamic ROI

Smart H.265+ implements the strategy of automatically separating the moving objects in the scene from the background according to the motion in the video scene through video analytics technology. After separation, Smart H.265+ adopts varied compression levels according to different regions of interest.

Typically in surveillance videos, moving objects appear only in a specified period and last only for a short time. Smart H.265+ may increase the compression level for a background area and reduce the compression level for moving objects, thereby enhancing compression efficiency.

Dynamic Group of Pictures (GOP)

The GOP is a group of successive pictures within a coded video stream. Each coded video stream consists of successive GOPs. Encountering a new GOP in a compressed video stream ensures the decoder that no previous frame will be needed to decode the next ones.

Typical surveillance video is mostly static for a majority of the time, with minor scene changes occurring infrequently. Smart H.265+ adopts the strategy of dynamic GOP and inserts an I-frame (a picture that is coded independently of all other pictures) in the video stream only when a change interrupts the otherwise static scene.

The length of the GOP can be adapted dynamically according to the requirements of the surveillance application. The dynamic GOP structure reduces the number of I-frames, thus reducing the bitrate needed to produce the expected quality of video.

Noise Suppression

The traditional noise reduction strategy is to implement intense noise reduction techniques on the entire video scene, but this technique can delete some vital video details during the process. Striking a balance between overall noise reduction and preserving video detail is a difficult task.

Smart H.265+ uses advanced video analytic technology to distinguish between the motion region and the background region, then applies a different noise reduction level to each region. Smart H.265+ is capable of reducing noise and preserving the expected video quality in the region of interest, especially in night surveillance scenes.

In this way, it cannot only reduce the noise, but also maintain the ROI video quality while reducing the overall bitrate.

Smart H.265+ can be a valuable tool for systems integrators serving their end customers. To learn more click here.

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