Rethinking the Possibilities of Perimeter Protection

Solar-powered, wireless video surveillance systems can now provide a cost-effective means of securing outdoor settings that traditionally involve expensive trenching. Find out how technological advances have negated concerns surrounding these systems and the benefits they offer.

Solar-powered, wireless video surveillance systems can negate trenching for outdoor perimeter security projects, which can lead to exorbitant final costs ranging between $22,000 and $45,000 for every 100 yards.Wireless Is Up to the Task

Many other preconceived ideas, specifically about the quality of solar and wireless video surveillance technology persist, even as significant advances have been made. First is the belief that wireless is limited in signal strength and has problems penetrating certain structures and environments.

In reality, wireless technology is more robust than ever. Its reliability makes it perfect for use in even the toughest environments, such as industrial and institutional installations and outdoor terrains. The proprietary wireless protocol used in next-generation wireless cameras is designed to overcome the unique challenges of transferring high bandwidth video over the air efficiently.

This modern wireless architecture is designed specifically for use in surveillance environments. Its proprietary authentication and retransmit protocol naturally creates a secure environment, and makes it difficult for would-be hackers to infiltrate a video stream. If a connection is lost, the system knows to store the surveillance data locally in nonvolatile memory until the network connection is restored.

As well, some users believe wireless technology creates video that is low quality and not good for positive identification. But today’s wireless systems use the same transmission protocols as video and are able to compress the signal in a way that does not distort or compromise the image. These systems are built specifically for use in surveillance by leveraging proprietary protocols that automatically create a secure connection. Because the protocol is propriet
ary, it is extremely difficult — and practically impossible — for an unauthorized user to capture and reassemble any video that is sent.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

A final benefit of solar-powered, wireless technology is its inherent environmentally friendly nature. For organizations that operate in dispersed and geographically challenging environments, such as oil refineries, parking lots, distribution centers  and campuses, the requirement for technologies that can help secure vast spaces has often outweighed the desire to be “green.” But more and more, customers are trying to reduce the environmental impact of their technology systems, and look for new ways to reduce consumption.

These customers can find value in solar, wireless perimeter solutions because they run on an abundantly available resource — the sun — and consume less power than earlier versions of the technology. And because these systems require no trenching for power and data cables, they do not have physical effects on the landscape — a big win for the environment.

Installers serving end customers who need to protect perimeter environments require a new solution. Today, wireless, solar-powered cameras are a real-world option. These new devices dramatically reduce power requirements to enable the camera to be powered by solar panels integrated into the camera system. Furthermore, the camera is completely free of wires, allowing for placements in remote areas that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. This unique approach reduces the overall project footprint and installation time, making them perfect for the perimeter.

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