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Forecast: Alarm Monitoring Market Worth Approximately $55B by 2020, Report Says

A new market research report expects the global alarm monitoring market to reach $54.46 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 6.73% between 2015 and 2020.

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Vanderbilt Industries is turning heads in the access control market. Launched in 2012, the company aims to pave a successful path of access control consolidation built on open technology platforms. Scott Goldfine · September 21, 2015

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe awarded $6 million in School Security Equipment Grants to 519 schools in Virginia to upgrade security measures. Some counties received upwards of $100,000. Stephen Sellner · September 18, 2015

ADT customers John and Janet Gary thought nothing of the ADT salesman performing a service on their home security system. That was until they found out the salesman was with Protection 1. Stephen Sellner · September 17, 2015

ZKAccess products don't only protect people and property. It's time to add chickens to that list. Using the C3-100 access control panel and box camera, the chicken coop's doors can be monitored from a remote location to ensure the chickens are exposed and protected from the elements and the opportune times. Stephen Sellner · September 17, 2015

Honeywell Security Group and Honeywell Fire Safety are combining to form the new Honeywell Security and Fire business, the company announced on Tuesday. The move will allow the company to offer a better portfolio of its products and security solutions. Stephen Sellner · September 17, 2015

The firm’s System Galaxy is a scalable, enterprise-class access control and management solution that integrates security and building management functions. SSI Staff · September 16, 2015

The integration provides Software House customers with the ability to manage wired and wireless openings from the same application. SSI Staff · September 16, 2015

HID Global's Quantum Secure will sponsor the ICAM Lab at Capitol Technology University in Washington, D.C. The lab allows student learn through hands-on experience in the fields of Physical Security, Information Assurance, Business and Acquisition Management. Stephen Sellner · September 16, 2015

Eid Passport will now go by SureID, a new name meant to reflect the company's expertise in handling identity management and digital identity solutions. The company will also expand its products to complement its identity management program RAPIDGate. Stephen Sellner · September 16, 2015

HID Global is aiming to have end-to-end access control using a single credential. Stephen Sellner · September 15, 2015


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