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Is the Hunters-Farmers Analogy Fair to Salespeople?

Have salespeople been following the wrong analogy this whole time? Is it really broken into hunters and farmers?

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Have salespeople been following the wrong analogy this whole time? Is it really broken into hunters and farmers? By Dave Fellman · June 24, 2016

The benefits of IP video surveillance over the older analog systems are well documented, but are you, the security integrator, doing all you can to move your customers to the better systems? By Erin Harrington · June 22, 2016

The use of wireless technology for door lock applications and the integration of home alarm systems with wireless devices is happening now and security dealers would be wise not to waste time. Al Colombo · June 21, 2016

Bidders often complain that consultants only consider price when evaluating security system bids. That's only the case if price is all that is given to them. Submitting a big that incorporates the correct products and security technologies to get the job done is crucial. Bob Grossman · June 21, 2016

Check out all the notable surveillance videos accumulated from the past week including a young girl saved from drowning and two people miraculously surviving after a car crashed into them. Stephen Sellner · June 20, 2016

Guardian Protection Services took home the SAMMY for Best Community Outreach Program after funding custom-built bicycles for two disabled children. SSI Staff · June 17, 2016

Custom Alarm's redesigned Web site helped the company take home the SAMMY Award for the Best Web Site Design. SSI Staff · June 16, 2016

A recent tour of the video surveillance specialist's U.S. headquarters in Coppell, Texas, lends insight into how the company is living up to its promise of providing the U.S. market with a "total surveillance solution." Rodney Bosch · June 16, 2016

Leading SHaaS (smart home as a service) provider Icontrol is reportedly being sold to Comcast/Xfinity and erstwhile rival What does this mean for the security and home automation market? Julie Jacobson · June 16, 2016

The housing co-op's original security system was constructed in 1963 and featured an audio-only intercom. Now as the housing prices rise, the building has added a video intercom. By Bruce Czerwinski · June 15, 2016


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