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Securing New Ground 2016: A Millennial’s Perspective

An industry newcomer responds to concerns and opportunities associated with the next generation of security professionals.

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Paul Constantine and Tony Sorrentino bring extensive channel experience to their new roles. SSI Staff · October 07, 2016

Utilizing key business valuation discounts can be very helpful when passing a percentage of a company to a family member or key employee. SSI Staff · October 07, 2016

The SNG conference will be hosted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, providing security professionals, suppliers and other stakeholders a forum to exchange industry intelligence and strategies. SSI Staff · October 07, 2016

Leading providers weigh in on the current climate of biometrics and opine how the technology has become more reliable and affordable. Learn of the myriad applications, unrivaled convenience and profitability opportunities. SSI Staff · October 06, 2016

The global provider of video surveillance equipment says key information about its products was omitted in a Wall Street Journal article and clarifies other information also published on SSI's website. SSI Staff · October 05, 2016

Owens Security extends its operating area in Ellijay, Ga., and across the northwestern region in Georgia. SSI Staff · October 05, 2016

Elite Interactive Solutions of Los Angeles becomes the first to receive certificate of compliance to UL 827B and UL 827. SSI Staff · October 05, 2016

EH Media's list of services includes print, digital marketing and events. SSI Staff · October 04, 2016

Led by business leaders Gary Osterhout and Mike Kotwicki, Go Security Solutions services a four-state area with a particular focus on the higher education and financial markets. Rodney Bosch · October 04, 2016

Unmanned aerial vehicles so far have been used only in testing, but are ready now to assist in operations such as search and rescue and SWAT operations. SSI Staff · October 04, 2016

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