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Alarm Companies: Find What Makes You Unique and Market it

To make your alarm company stand out, find your unique selling point by evaluating what you do best. Then make sure everyone that comes across your business understands that unique quality.

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There has been an exciting, sometimes overwhelming influx of new technology and products into the electronic security industry during the past few years. All these bells and whistles are great, but at the end of the day it takes business management acumen to sustain any commercial enterprise. Security installation companies are no different. To excel, they must be at least as adept in sales and marketing concepts as they are in devising technological solutions. By Scott Goldfine · May 31, 2006

It’s June, almost at the end of the third government quarter and the time of year when things begin to sizzle as the government buying season heats up. There is lots of news and a pressing need to be well informed in order to guide your company as it navigates through the uncertain seas currently impacting the government security marketplace. May 31, 2006

In April’s story, we talked about loss of house power and the automatic unlocking of all doors equipped with electric locks, per Sections 1008.1.3.4(2) and 1008.1.3.4(3), ICC, 2003. What we didn’t talk about. however, was the issue of secondary power for the electric locking devices on these doors. May 31, 2006

Privately financed video security cameras will be installed to monitor an 11-block stretch of W. National Avenue in Milwaukee, the first of what could be several security camera initiatives in the city ... May 29, 2006

The Bosch Group North America reports that in 2005, North American sales increased by more than 8 percent, reaching $8.4 billion. Preliminary results indicate strong growth in all three of the company's business sectors ... May 29, 2006

Alarm Lock Systems Inc., a supplier of electronic pushbutton standalone locks, has begun a customer loyalty program called the Alarm Lock Gear Program ... May 23, 2006

UTC Fire & Security, a division of United Technologies Corp. and a provider of fire safety and security solutions, announces the opening of a new engineering research and development center at ... May 22, 2006

The Alarm Security Group LLC Inc. (ASG) expressed its disappointment in a letter to the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of Integrated Alarm Services Group Inc. (IASG) concerning an apparent lack of interest in an offer to combine the two companies ... May 18, 2006

First quarter results for Integrated Alarm Services Group Inc. (NASDAQ: IASG) were $24.1 million, down 1 percent compared tothe same period in 2005, down 6 percent from fourth quarter. May 15, 2006

IRVING, Texas May 08, 2006


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