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Is the Hunters-Farmers Analogy Fair to Salespeople?

Have salespeople been following the wrong analogy this whole time? Is it really broken into hunters and farmers?

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SAN DIEGO - HID Global has created a platform for software and hardware development capabilities with the launching of HID Connect ... October 31, 2006

Roaming the floors of the recent ASIS expo in San Diego and ISC East in New York allowed me to do two of my favorite things: check out the latest technology firsthand and interact face-to-face with other security professionals. For me, nothing beats receiving direct feedback and ... By Scott Goldfine · October 31, 2006

Supreme Security Systems, a New Jersey-based independent, full-service electronic security provider, says it has acquired Maplewood, N.J.-based Krueger Security Systems Inc., an alarm company serving business and residential customers ... October 29, 2006

Intensifying global security concerns have created an urgent need for advanced security solutions in the United States and many other parts of the world, according to a recent study ... October 24, 2006

Surveillance equipment company Extreme CCTV US has been picked as a subcontractor for New York City’s transit security video system ... October 24, 2006

SecurityNet member VTI Security recently concluded its five-part continuing education series for customers with a roundtable wrap-up following ASIS International’s 2006 Annual Seminar and Exhibits in San Diego ... October 24, 2006

The Systems Depot has added Xantech products to its distribution line, including LCD controllers, amplifiers, IR receivers, remote control switchers, modules and connecting blocks, emitters, volume controls, and accessories ... October 22, 2006

If Milwaukee Fire Chief William Wentlandt has his way, every smoke detector in every single-family home and duplex in the city will have a working temper-proof smoke detector installed in them ... October 17, 2006

Honeywell and Novell, ImageWare Systems Inc. and ActivIdentity have agreed to partner in the creation of an integrated physical and logistical control system that will comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 ... October 17, 2006

AVAD LLC, a distributor of custom home electronics, announces it has launched a full-scale shipping operation at its distribution center ... October 17, 2006


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