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Top Story Announces Google Home Integration

Users can now ask Google to "secure my home" with's latest voice-control integration.

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Users can now ask Google to "secure my home" with's latest voice-control integration. Steve Karantzoulidis · May 22, 2017

Without technology like RFID, analog sensors and 8-bit microprocessors, the IoT wouldn't be what it is today. By Dan Simmons · May 15, 2017

Over 122,000 IP cameras are vulnerable to becoming part of the newly discovered Persirai botnet. Steve Karantzoulidis · May 10, 2017

Attendees at this year's Kentucky Derby will be able to sign up for mobile emergency notifications. Steve Karantzoulidis · May 03, 2017

The bill would have made Connecticut the first state to allow police to use weaponized drones. Steve Karantzoulidis · May 02, 2017

The hotline created by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is meant for victims of illegal alien crime. Steve Karantzoulidis · April 28, 2017

If your business shares a network with any of your home’s IoT devices, you could be inadvertently putting your business in danger. By Tom McGuire · April 26, 2017

A bill introduced by Connecticut State Legislature would allow for weaponized drones to be used by police. Steve Karantzoulidis · April 03, 2017

"Who knew that dance and video surveillance had so much in common?" LACDC dancers will perform at the Hikvision booth and Partner Celebration at ISC West. SSI Staff · March 28, 2017

Passengers in Atlanta will be able to quickly advance from ID verification to the physical security checkpoint. Steve Karantzoulidis · February 06, 2017


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