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Top Story Announces Google Home Integration

Users can now ask Google to "secure my home" with's latest voice-control integration.

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Three years since the Boston Marathon bombings, an added emphasis on security returns to the race in light of the Brussels terrorist attacks. Stephen Sellner · March 24, 2016

United States cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. can expect to see added police presence in lieu of the deadly explosions in Brussels. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed at least 34. Stephen Sellner · March 21, 2016

Documents obtained by FOX 25 show that 73 employees at U.S. airports were flagged as having potential ties to terrorism. Washington Dulles International Airport had the most with seven. Stephen Sellner · March 17, 2016

ISC West 2016 Show Issue March 16, 2016

A study by a USC professor refutes the assumption that law enforcement officers are less likely to use excessive force if they’re being recorded. SSI Staff · March 08, 2016

A drone came within 16 feet of an airliner landing in Paris on Feb. 19, marking the closest encounter between a UAV and a plane. Stephen Sellner · March 07, 2016

Previously confidential information relating to one of the Boston Marathon bombers was released, calling into question Tamerlan Tsarnaev's path to citizenship prior to the attack. SSI Staff · February 29, 2016

Looking for the latest security product releases? SSI has a list of 10 recent product announcements from some of the biggest companies in security, including Honeywell, Tyco Security Products and others. SSI Staff · February 15, 2016

A Swiss and Italian team is close to giving drones the ability to use their video surveillance images, combined with an algorithm, to help guide lost hikers onto the right path. SSI Staff · February 11, 2016

A new study finds no evidence of a widespread surge in total, violent or property crime in large U.S. cities in the aftermath of the highly publicized police shooting of Michael Brown. SSI Staff · February 09, 2016


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