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Honeywell, Fiber Sensys Partner to Secure Critical Infrastructure Facilities

Vindicator security platform is newly integrated with fence detection system.

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The Brink's Company reported income from continuing operations of $8.0 million, or $0.15 per share for the quarter ended June 30, 2003. August 03, 2003

Many companies haven’t thought about the ramifications of integrating physical security systems, such as card access servers, into a corporate network. July 31, 2003

The incorporation of CCTV into Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is happening at an accelerated rate due to the expanding U.S. population and the need for more efficient highways. This niche market, however, isn’t for everyone. Before making the leap, electronic security systems contractors need to determine if they have the technical expertise, capital and patience to succeed. July 31, 2003

July 31, 2003

July 31, 2003

ALEXANDRIA, Va. July 28, 2003

Security Sales & Integration (SSI) magazine, has announced Rafal Markiewicz of Homeland Security Services Inc. in Union, N.J., as its winner in the drawing for an Olympus D-380 digital-zoom camera. July 24, 2003

LOS ANGELES July 21, 2003

LOS ANGELES July 14, 2003

The Standards Council next week will consider requiring sprinklers in some existing buildings that hold 100 people or more. July 10, 2003


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