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Mobile, Ala., Enforcing Alarm System Registration to Limit False Alarms

To combat false alarms in Mobile, Ala., Police Chief James Barber is starting to enforce the registration of alarm systems with the city.

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January 31, 2004

January 31, 2004

From the birth of a magazine called AID in 1979 to the Security Sales & Integration of today, not only has the publication seen its share of changes, so too has the electronic security industry it covers. SSI reviews some of the significant developments that molded the industry during the past 25 years. January 31, 2004

History is built upon the work of many, but the decisions of a select few. It’s those rare individuals whose actions ultimately determine the fate of a given enterprise or industry. Fortunately, as Security Sales & Integration’s list of 25 key figures shows, there has been no shortage of these innovators. January 31, 2004

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