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Beijing Entirely Covered by ‘Sky Net’ Video Surveillance System

In the last year, the Chinese capital city increased its camera deployment by 29%.

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VIENNA, Va. September 08, 2003

Microsoft has issued a warning that its Office products are vulnerable to several flaws, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to take control of a user's computer. September 03, 2003

Security Sales & Integration (SSI) magazine announces it will be exhibiting at the National Summit on Security (NSS) in Washington Oct. 1-3. September 03, 2003

TORONTO September 02, 2003

TORONTO September 02, 2003

By 2010, the Defense Department will use biometrics in its classified and unclassified systems to improve physical and cyber security, according to a memorandum released last week by DOD’s Biometrics Management Office. September 02, 2003

Camera technology designed to spot potential terrorists by their facial characteristics at airports failed its first major test, a report from the airport that tested the technology shows. September 02, 2003

TORONTO September 02, 2003

The city of New Orleans has created an adopt-a-camera program. August 28, 2003

OnQ Technologies Inc. and Monster Cable are expanding the OnQ/Monster alliance. August 28, 2003