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San Diego Schools Upgrade to Open Platform Video Management Solution

The district sought an IP video solution that could be centrally administered to handle more than 200 facilities.

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Sentry Technology Corp.'s first-quarter revenue was lower than last year's quarter. The company says efforts are ongoing to raise capital. May 15, 2003

ArmorGroup Integration Systems (AGIS), a unit formerly under Armor Holdings Inc., has been recently acquired by a private company focused on integrated security. May 15, 2003

The Los Angeles City Council is considering prosecuting a security company for advertising that the Police Department will no longer respond to burglar alarms. May 15, 2003

RA'ANANA, Israel May 14, 2003

BOSTON May 13, 2003


A superior court judge rejected the Greater Los Angeles Security Alarm Association's (GLASAA) arguments that the policy approved by the L.A. Board of Police Commissioners in January violates a city ordinance on alarms. May 08, 2003

Tucson Police says it will first require other means of verification for burglar alarms before dispatching police as of July 1. May 08, 2003

The California Alarm Association (CAA) will have its summer convention May 15-17 in Palm Springs, Calif. May 08, 2003

Tyco Int'l has replaced ADT's vice president of finance and eliminated the chief manager's post for the company's dealer programs. May 08, 2003