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2015 Sales & Marketing Survey: Security Industry Sharpens Its Methods

Empowered like never before thanks to the advent of social media, customers wield what security practitioners say is the most powerful marketing determinant — word of mouth. As a result, Security Sales…

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Honeywell Int’l Inc. has won a multimillion-dollar contract to design and install CCTV and access control systems to the Panama Canal Authority, which is planning major improvements along the 87-year-old waterway. May 08, 2002

American Trans Air (ATA) and Chautauqua Airlines have been awarded nearly $700,000 in grants by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). May 08, 2002

Vicon Industries, a manufacturer of video surveillance systems, reports its financial results for the second quarter, ended March 31. May 07, 2002

Microsoft is working on a new home communication standard called Simple Control Protocol (SCP), intended to allow home products to communicate with and control each other. May 07, 2002

GE Interlogix announces its ITI brand of equipment is now available through some security-channel distributors. May 05, 2002

The facial recognition system installed in Tampa’s Ybor City that is meant to scan crowds and find criminals and other wanted persons has not led to a single arrest. May 05, 2002

A virus from an as-yet unidentified source recently infected the servers maintained by Bobit Publishing's Internet provider. May 02, 2002

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. May 02, 2002

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. May 02, 2002

Tyco Int’l Inc. announces that management has decided not to split the company up. April 29, 2002