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St. Louis, Busch Stadium Beefing Up Security Ahead of MLB’s National League Playoffs

St. Louis is taking ballpark security very seriously this postseason. Busch Stadium is beefing up security two weeks after a fan was shot and paralyzed after being robbed following a Cardinals game.

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A Los Angeles Superior Court will hear the merits of the lawsuit filed by the Greater Los Angeles Security Alarm Association (GLASAA) against the city. April 10, 2003

The 2003 North American Monitoring Technology Symposium and Exhibition will include courses on business planning. April 10, 2003

Los Angeles, San Francisco, other cities are expected to receive more than $96 million in federal aid for homeland defense. April 10, 2003

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) urges Congress to for more funding for security measures. April 10, 2003

Honeywell says it’s preparing to sell its Minneapolis-based home security alarm monitoring business. April 04, 2003

Safeguard Security and Communications and Greater Alarm were the big winners at SSI's 8th Annual Sales and Marketing (SAMMY) Awards. April 04, 2003

The Greater Los Angeles Security Alarm Association (GLASAA) sues the city to stop its new verified (nonresponse) policy. April 04, 2003

Biometrics provider Viisage Technology says it will merge with ZN Vision Technologies, uniting a major U.S. and European player in facial-recognition technology. April 04, 2003

The Arizona Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (ABFAA) will be holding a special membership meeting April 10 to discuss the Tucson Police Department implementing its own verified response policy, scheduled to go into effect July 1, says Captain John Levit. March 30, 2003

LAS VEGAS March 30, 2003


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