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Privacy Laws to Know Before Installing Audio Systems

When can audio be recorded? When is it considered eavesdropping?

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Honeywell has acquired privately held RSI Video Technologies (RSI), a leading provider of intrusion detection systems for commercial and residential security applications under the brand Videofied, for approximately $123 million. SSI Staff · March 01, 2016

Transitioning away from the "open platform company" concept, Milestone Systems used MIPS 2016 to explain to its integrator and vendor partners a new go-to-market philosophy based on an "open platform community." Rodney Bosch · March 01, 2016

Previously confidential information relating to one of the Boston Marathon bombers was released, calling into question Tamerlan Tsarnaev's path to citizenship prior to the attack. SSI Staff · February 29, 2016

After police say six people were killed in Kalamazoo, Mich., by an Uber driver, the company is coming out in defense of its background checks and driver screening process. SSI Staff · February 24, 2016

At the annual Minestone Intergration Platform Symposium (MIPS), manager of learning and performance Greg Willmarth explains the company’s new corporate tagline and restructured training and certification strategy. Rodney Bosch · February 23, 2016

SSI is in Scottsdale, Ariz., for the 2016 Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) as Milestone Systems expresses its efforts to change the security integrator-manufacturer relationship. Paul Boucherle · February 23, 2016

IBM Security has acquired Resilient Systems, a cybersecurity company, for more than $100 million, according to a report. This is the third cybersecurity company IBM has acquired since 2011. SSI Staff · February 23, 2016

CSIA is joining with The International Society of Automation to present a four-part course in March geared toward improving the business practices of system integrators. SSI Staff · February 19, 2016

SimpliSafe's DIY home security system has been found to be insecure after a test was able to disarm the system by capturing PIN entries. The IOActive report found it was vulnerable "to even a low-level attacker." SSI Staff · February 19, 2016

Creating “customer delight” does not have to be difficult. “Follow-Me-Home” can help you observe your clients and help achieve client satisfaction. SSI Staff · February 18, 2016


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