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Airport Security Lines Dramatically Quicker Thanks to These Changes Made by the TSA

Airport security lines during Memorial Day weekend appeared to move far quicker than in weeks past as some of the nation’s busiest airports opened up more screening lanes and used bomb-sniffing dogs…

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The FAA wants to set a national policy on drones, which could conflict with numerous state and local laws, plus hundreds of proposed bills. Rodney Bosch · March 14, 2016

G4S announced on Thursday it is shutting down its business in Israel for commercial reasons. However, the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign says it was because of pressure it applied to the company for being complicit to human rights abuses in prisons to Palestinians. Stephen Sellner · March 11, 2016

Campus Safety magazine, a sister publication of Security Sales & Integration is pleased to announce that it will host both East and West Campus Safety Conferences this summer. Campus Safety Conference East will be held July 25-26 at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Md., and Campus Safety Conference West will be held Aug. 9-10 at the Hilton in Long Beach, Calif. SSI Staff · March 10, 2016

A study by a USC professor refutes the assumption that law enforcement officers are less likely to use excessive force if they’re being recorded. SSI Staff · March 08, 2016

A drone came within 16 feet of an airliner landing in Paris on Feb. 19, marking the closest encounter between a UAV and a plane. Stephen Sellner · March 07, 2016

Controling security systems remotely is a crucial element to any security system. Advantage Protection in Vancouver, Wash., is hiring more staff who specialize in smartphone technology in order to keep up with the trend. SSI Staff · March 04, 2016

Connecticut legislators are debating a bill that would allow police to use armed drones in some crisis situations. SSI Staff · March 03, 2016

Find out which installing security contractors are in the running to be honored on April 5 for their marketing, business, installation and overall excellence. SSI Staff · March 03, 2016

Designed to be watertight and to operate in a wide temperature range, SpectrAlert Advance outdoor audible visible (AV) appliances are an ideal solution for fire, general signaling, mass notification, or emergency communication system (ECS) projects that require exterior notification or notification in areas where ambient conditions may exceed the environmental tolerances of typical indoor AV devices. March 02, 2016

Nest, the smart thermostat manufacturer, announced it will shut down its energy data service, MyEnergy, within the next 30 days. SSI Staff · March 02, 2016


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