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The Gold Book offers a wealth of information to help ensure your prosperity throughout 2013 — SSI's 35th year. In addition to revealing research, it includes expert trends analyses, contacts and profiles for hundreds of suppliers, instructional how-to's, trade associations directory, events calendar, and much more. April 01, 2013

Inquisitiveness is a virtue when it comes to troubleshooting video. Combined with a methodical and analytical approach based on incisive inquiry any problem becomes manageable. This download will help you learn what to ask to answer real-world system shortcomings. October 01, 2012

Wireless communications technology has advanced considerably in recent years and with it ever broadening applications — security included. Knowing its capabilities as well as limitations will ensure the substantial benefits of wireless surveillance are fully realized and maintained throughout the life of the system. August 01, 2012

Requirement variances aside, analog and IP-based surveillance systems alike are doomed to failure unless they are sufficiently powered. Understanding the way key factors like voltage, current, resistance, power over Ethernet, and other standards affect transmission and performance is vital for optimizing video solutions. June 01, 2012

You’ve learned about thermal imaging’s history, technology and applications… now what? It’s time to put it all together to gain a firmer grasp of this exciting and growing surveillance sector. So step up to finish earning your thermal imaging diploma! April 01, 2012

The migration from analog to IP video is often an incremental one in which both must co-exist within the same overall surveillance system. Keeping these so-called hybrid systems running as trouble-free as possible requires technicians to understand legacy and new technologies. Find out where to begin when problems do arise with this free download from Security Sales & Integration. March 01, 2012

Formerly the domain of the very high end of the security and maritime markets, thermal imaging technology is expanding fast and branching into myriad industries and applications. As costs continue to tumble, thermal-enabled devices proliferate and unhinge potential uses and revenue opportunities. Find out where the technology is today and likely heading tomorrow. January 01, 2012

Technological advances along with declining prices are opening up myriad security applications for thermal imaging. Understanding how thermal cameras are affected by variables such as detector type, lens, f/number, resolution, pixel pitch and image processing is essential to ensure results mesh with expectations. November 01, 2011

Although it has been receiving a lot more attention recently within security industry circles, thermal imaging goes back hundreds of years. It’s come a long way since then to become applicable and affordable for myriad video surveillance uses. Begin with the basics and ramp up for these opportunities. July 01, 2011

So you’ve been tasked with designing a commercial video surveillance system. Your first step is determining the required degree of security and then tailoring it to the specific application type. This free download walks you through the process and explains how to decipher camera specs. March 01, 2011

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