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Scoring Surveillance Success in Video Verticals

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Serious video system troubleshooting calls for serious tools, such as an oscilloscope. Find out how to select, set up and use this electronic testing device to analyze video waveforms and solve even the most challenging system malfunctions. August 01, 2006

When electronic security systems fail or malfunction, more often than not it’s something small and relatively basic that lies at the root of the problem. Proper termination for a video surveillance system is a prime example. Understanding the different types of termination and how to test for them are the stepping-stones to ensuring systems stability. May 01, 2006

Wouldn’t it be nice if electronic security systems functioned trouble-free until obsolescence began to set in? As you will see, there are too many variables for that to happen. This series of articles has been designed to help technicians get past their fears and master the fine art of system troubleshooting. March 01, 2006

When designing CCTV systems, determining the number, type and location of cameras and DVRs is often only half the battle. Security technicians also need to know what it takes to get video to the network as well as onto it. This means understanding the devices and technologies necessary to effectively interface with your client's IT manager. September 01, 2005

Determining the number, type and location of cameras and DVRs when designing CCTV systems is often only half the battle. Today, security technicians also need to know what it takes to get video onto the network, not just to it. Find out what concepts and terminology you need to learn to effectively interface with your clients' IT managers. August 01, 2005

Bandwidths are limited and digital video tends to have a voracious appetite for transmission and storage space. Fortunately, manufacturers are incorporating advanced capabilities into cameras to lessen the burden. June 01, 2005

The flexibility of manipulating video information via computer networks is the exciting progression of digitalized CCTV. Security dealers and systems integrators need not be scared off by IP-addressable devices and systems as the basics of standard video surveillance remain relevant. Find out how to deliver these in-demand capabilities to your customers. April 01, 2005

Now that you know the essentials of compression, storage and recording, get up to speed on how cameras, lenses and transmission methods relate to video surveillance. Knowing the features and requirements of these elements will help produce better quality images and installations. October 01, 2004

Today’s digital video recorders (DVRs) are much more than sleek boxes with hard drives inside. Advanced software is arming these devices with an array of features beyond imagination. Find out which ones can provide you and your customers optimal effectiveness and convenience. September 01, 2004

Accurately capturing clear digital video images is only half the battle. Effectively managing and safeguarding those images for future viewing requires selecting storage media optimally suited for the application. July 01, 2004

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