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San Diego Schools Upgrade to Open Platform Video Management Solution

The district sought an IP video solution that could be centrally administered to handle more than 200 facilities.

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SSI Staff · September 30, 2006

SSI Staff · September 30, 2006

Earlier this year, Massachusetts became the first state to enact a law mandating all citizens obtain health insurance. The groundbreaking plan has managed to rekindle the long languished debate about universal and affordable health care, as legislatures across the country are now considering the feasibility of such a law in their own states. September 30, 2006

A hospital in Northern California took sweeping action this summer to stem repeated acts of violence and other yearslong troubles in its psychiatric unit after the federal government threatened to revoke millions in annual funding ... September 30, 2006

Selecting the proper video camera lens is all too often rife with tough decision-making and unforeseen pitfalls. Luckily, there are many tools available for designers and installers to utilize that can help make an otherwise confounding process much simpler and easier. September 30, 2006

Can there be obstacles to growth? Even with the fast-paced growth that IP video is currently enjoying? You bet! September 30, 2006

System Sensor has released a white paper addressing concerns about the correct spacing and candela settings of strobes in certain types of facilities ... September 30, 2006

National Guardian Security Services Inc. has acquired Professional Security Monitoring (PSM) of New York ... September 30, 2006

Joe Freeman: Manufacturers identify IP video growth challenges. September 30, 2006

The companies will develop software that integrates advanced video analysis with Toshiba's IP cameras. September 25, 2006