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Beijing Entirely Covered by ‘Sky Net’ Video Surveillance System

In the last year, the Chinese capital city increased its camera deployment by 29%.

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SSI Staff · November 30, 2006

SSI Staff · November 30, 2006

The Modesto Police Department will no longer respond to burglar alarm calls unless they are verified as an actual emergency ... November 30, 2006

Little did Mike Miller know that when the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 was enacted, a little windfall would be heading his way ... November 30, 2006

Once the domain of a corps of low-voltage specialists, the security distribution landscape is being altered as nontraditional companies penetrate the market to target new revenue streams and buyers ... November 30, 2006, a provider of wireless interactive security and monitoring system technology, announces it has entered into a marketing alliance with General Electric’s (GE) Modular Space business ... November 07, 2006

AVAD LLC, a distributor of custom home electronics, announces it has opened two new distribution centers, one near Richmond, Va., and the other in the Denver area ... November 02, 2006

Diebold Inc. says its third-quarter net income grew 12 percent on higher revenue across most of its business segments ... November 01, 2006

SSI Staff · October 31, 2006

Integrated Alarm Services Group Inc. (IASG) says it will acquire about 9,600 residential alarm contracts in Minnesota, which generate about $235,000 in recurring monthly revenue ... October 31, 2006


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