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Beijing Entirely Covered by ‘Sky Net’ Video Surveillance System

In the last year, the Chinese capital city increased its camera deployment by 29%.

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The open architecture of the Milestone's XProtect software allows integration with other security subsystems, such as access control and video surveillance. September 19, 2006

S2 Security Corp. and EasyLobby Inc. of Needham, Mass., have partnered to provide integrated access control with visitor management capabilities ... September 17, 2006

Trango Broadband Wireless announces two important uses of its solutions. First, Community Broadband, an Oregon-based wireless Internet service provider, has begun deploying point-to-multipoint access points and subscriber units for broadband access ... September 13, 2006

As networked video becomes more prevalent, security contractors are faced with either learning the technology or greatly limiting their relevance. To a large extent, however, it is a case of fearing the unknown. Aside from some new terminology and basic concepts, the fundamentals of troubleshooting network-based systems are similar to those of traditional surveillance systems. September 01, 2006

SSI Staff · August 31, 2006

SSI Staff · August 31, 2006

Just as with many gaming environments, Lincoln Park, a casino and racetrack (“racino”) just outside of Providence, R.I., has always placed a high value on security. Four years ago, to meet the regulations of the state’s lottery commission, the racino moved from using VCR tapes to a fully digital video management system (DVMS) ... August 31, 2006

Achieving an even mix of physical security and technology is an alchemy that is still being balanced. It involves blending three key factors ... August 31, 2006

One of the themes behind “Enterprising Solutions” is our focus on “real world” scenarios. Few of these hit closer to home ... August 31, 2006

Panasonic System Solutions (PSSA) has recently launched several initiatives that are noteworthy for installing security contractors ... August 31, 2006


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