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A Firsthand Look at Quebec City’s Airport Security & Operations

SSI visited Quebec City Jean-Lesage Int’l Airport to see the Genetec Security Center platform put in charge. The airport security center unifies security and access control operations. Check out the…

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Jeff Burgess has led BCDVideo, a provider of video surveillance storage systems, since its founding in 2009. Hailing from the IT industry, find out why he experienced “culture shock” after joining the security market. Rodney Bosch · January 19, 2016

As video surveillance continues to grow in New Hanover County in North Carolina, privacy advocates continue to ask for regulation of the use of video recordings. SSI Staff · January 18, 2016

A 60 Minutes report features images of mountain lions roaming hillsides and residential communities in the Hollywood Hills and elsewhere around the sprawling city. SSI Staff · January 18, 2016

The Orland Park Police Department in Illinois is defending public safety with its own drone, which will capture video surveillance of the town and assist in missing person searches as well as other crime-fighting tasks. SSI Staff · January 18, 2016

Other top moments captured on video surveillance include a man stealing a python in a questionable manner, a street cleaner dodging serious injury by a few inches and a security guard who isn't very good at hiding his attempt to steal from an ATM. SSI Staff · January 17, 2016

Diebold recommended its end customer standardize on a March Networks intelligent video solution to replace a variety of legacy surveillance systems that were performing poorly and were increasingly costly to maintain. SSI Staff · January 15, 2016

A homeowner has a motion-sensor video surveillance system to thank for police catching the man who they say broke into their house to steal an expensive painting. SSI Staff · January 15, 2016

A realtor group in New Orleans is funding the installation of 34 high-definition video surveillance cameras at mostly private residences in the city. The New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors is funding the $15,000 project. SSI Staff · January 15, 2016

Genetec's Federation-as-a-Service centralized the video monitoring of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. The FaaS helped the LAPD connect to more than 400 video surveillance cameras. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016

Crime is down 90% at Lookout Mountain thanks in large part to video surveillance cameras that were installed to record cars going up the mountain. The security cameras were installed after residents raised $60,000. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016


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