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How to Increase the ROI in Open Space Video Surveillance Projects

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Video surveillance manufacturer March Networks introduced the addition of the Security Audit tool to its GURU 2.3 smartphone app. Scott Goldfine · September 15, 2016

Open platform video surveillance and access control management specialist Genetec demonstrated its Mission Control system, a “decision support system” (DSS) designed to provide security professionals situational intelligence, system visualization and incident management. Scott Goldfine · September 15, 2016

Dahua focused on five new product releases at the show: 4K cameras; HDCVI 3.0 DVR; HDCVI 4-megapixel (MP) cameras; multilens camera; and WiFi Lite cameras. Scott Goldfine · September 15, 2016

Up to 30 video surveillance cameras are to be installed in three parks following community outrage over the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl two years ago. SSI Staff · September 15, 2016

Other videos included in this week's Top Surveillance Videos include a woman being attacked by large group of teens in Brooklyn, a shooting and robbery of a man watering his lawn, a woman stealing a puppy from a pet store, and more. SSI Staff · September 12, 2016

Dealers/integrators can partner with an advanced central station to alleviate isolated worker dangers. SSI Staff · September 09, 2016

Private security camera systems can be registered so that law enforcement can contact owners if they discover evidence of a crime may have been captured by a particular camera. SSI Staff · September 09, 2016

Many of the upgrades were recommended in a report conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. SSI Staff · September 08, 2016

Canon products will be aligned and sold through Axis’ two-tiered distribution channels, including six distributors in the United States and five in Canada. Rodney Bosch · September 08, 2016

Smartvue offers customized video surveillance services and software stacks that can be integrated with or embedded into existing products to help service businesses and hardware manufacturers create new recurring revenue. SSI Staff · September 07, 2016

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