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Top 7 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Ryan Lochte Lied About Robbery at Gunpoint

Check out all the top moments in video surveillance from the past week, including the video that may prove Ryan Lochte and his teammates are lying about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

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Thanks to video surveillance cameras in Harrisburg, Pa., a suspected killer is behind bars. The security camera footage helped police identify 19-year-old Shamir Hunter. Stephen Sellner · June 28, 2016

British department store Harvey Nichols compiled a series of surveillance videos of shoplifters getting caught into a hilarious, award-winning advertisement. Stephen Sellner · June 27, 2016

With greater video surveillance capabilities comes greater concerns over privacy. Such is the case in New Haven, Conn., where Maggie Targrove of the New Haven Office of Emergency Management is drafting a policy to ensure the cameras are used properly. Stephen Sellner · June 27, 2016

Watch all of this week's top moments captured on video surveillance, from a delivery man throwing a package like a Frisbee and a critter making an abrupt entrance into a woman's home. Stephen Sellner · June 27, 2016

TRENDnet announced on Thursday that it is shipping its new 10dBi wireless N300 outdoor PoE access point (2.4GHz), model TEW-740APBO, which the company says was designed to provide high-performance, point-to-point wireless connectivity. SSI Staff · June 24, 2016

Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a $69.6 million plan that will equip 7,000 Los Angeles Police Department officers with body cameras, becoming the largest force to be strapped with body cameras. Stephen Sellner · June 23, 2016

The Duluth Police Department is asking businesses to enroll their outdoor security cameras to help investigate crime. Stephen Sellner · June 22, 2016

The benefits of IP video surveillance over the older analog systems are well documented, but are you, the security integrator, doing all you can to move your customers to the better systems? By Erin Harrington · June 22, 2016

Security cameras used on the campus of the University of Illinois have been so successful in identifying subjects in investigations that the city of Champaign is considering expanding the use of cameras beyond the campus. Stephen Sellner · June 21, 2016

Check out all the notable surveillance videos accumulated from the past week including a young girl saved from drowning and two people miraculously surviving after a car crashed into them. Stephen Sellner · June 20, 2016


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