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Can U.S. Airports Prevent an Istanbul-Like Terrorist Attack?

The Istanbul airport attacks killed at least 42 and injured at least 230. Are U.S. airports equipped to prevent against this type of attack? What security measures need to be implemented to mitigate the…

Three high-profile attacks in Rio de Janeiro have prompted Brazil's government to announce security reinforcements for the Summer Olympics. The games start in August. Stephen Sellner · June 24, 2016

TRENDnet announced on Thursday that it is shipping its new 10dBi wireless N300 outdoor PoE access point (2.4GHz), model TEW-740APBO, which the company says was designed to provide high-performance, point-to-point wireless connectivity. SSI Staff · June 24, 2016

Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a $69.6 million plan that will equip 7,000 Los Angeles Police Department officers with body cameras, becoming the largest force to be strapped with body cameras. Stephen Sellner · June 23, 2016

Hollywood movie star and comedian Kevin Hart used his home security camera to take a picture of the man he says robbed his house. Hart then posted the photo on Instagram to see if his followers know who he is. Stephen Sellner · June 23, 2016

Select Security said the credit facility from Goldman Sachs will help fund an aggressive acquisition plan, and that the company will look different as it expands. Stephen Sellner · June 23, 2016

After rumors had been circling about a possible deal, it was announced on Thursday morning that Comcast and Xfinity Home, along with, had purchased parts of Icontrol. Stephen Sellner · June 23, 2016

Every security company is constantly looking for ways to acquire new customers. These 5 questions can lay out the map to help find these new clients. Paul Boucherle · June 23, 2016

The Duluth Police Department is asking businesses to enroll their outdoor security cameras to help investigate crime. Stephen Sellner · June 22, 2016, a technology provider, conducted a study that found 37% of working Americans would prefer a better way to automate their work tasks than have a better sex life. Stephen Sellner · June 22, 2016

The benefits of IP video surveillance over the older analog systems are well documented, but are you, the security integrator, doing all you can to move your customers to the better systems? By Erin Harrington · June 22, 2016


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