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Caught on CCTV: NYPD Detective Caught Stealing Cash During Deli Raid

NYPD Narcotics Detective Ian Cyrus has been suspended after video surveillance footage showed him pocketing nearly $3,000 from a cash register during a raid on a Brooklyn deli.

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Like the gatekeepers of medieval times, gate controls can act as a virtual drawbridge to keep unauthorized vehicles and people out of a facility, building or other secured site. SSI gives a general overview of the basic technologies behind exterior access control and peeks into some of the newer innovations designed to bolster facility security. October 31, 2004

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September 30, 2004

September 30, 2004

Rising consumer demand along with breakthroughs in transmission, recording and storage have finally pushed remote video monitoring beyond the hyperbole stage. Although operational, market and technology challenges remain, services such as alarm verification, virtual guard tour, remote look-in and two-way interactive are transforming the alarm industry into one of crime prevention and intervention rather than deterrence and detection. By Scott Goldfine · September 30, 2004