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Honeywell to Acquire Smoke Detection and Video Security Company Xtralis

Upon completion of the deal, Xtralis will become part of Honeywell Security and Fire, a business unit of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions.

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A survey of U.S. adults conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that almost half of all Americans either own smart home technology or plan to invest in it in 2016. SSI Staff · January 18, 2016

Critical manufacturing includes automakers, aviation equipment manufacturers and producers of metals, machinery and electrical equipment. SSI Staff · January 18, 2016

Diebold recommended its end customer standardize on a March Networks intelligent video solution to replace a variety of legacy surveillance systems that were performing poorly and were increasingly costly to maintain. SSI Staff · January 15, 2016

To combat the anticipated spike in home invasions during the fall semester break, the local police department boosted patrols and advocated the use of residential alarm systems. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016

Genetec's Federation-as-a-Service centralized the video monitoring of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. The FaaS helped the LAPD connect to more than 400 video surveillance cameras. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016

Cyber espionage of critical infrastructure and other sensitive facilities is considered to be on the rise, given its exposure to the Internet. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016

More retail stores are looking to add security measures for loss prevention. But security integrators need to do their due diligence on the specific needs of the store when assessing security solutions. By Erin Harrington · January 13, 2016

The K5 security robot is equipped with a camera and sensors, and roves around gathering and analyzing data about activity happening within the area. SSI Staff · January 12, 2016

States that have yet to comply with the REAL ID Act catch a major break with the two-year extension. SSI Staff · January 12, 2016

Alone and cold, a rescue helicopter crew found the woman and directed personnel from the local fire department to her location. SSI Staff · January 11, 2016


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