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ComNet Unveils Security Managed Switch for Use in Cybersecurity Applications

ComNet, a manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, announces an expansion to the Reliance product line for the utility and industrial markets.

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A civil engineer is developing a drone robot that can be flown to a structure and then affixed to perform inspection and maintenance tasks. Rodney Bosch · March 16, 2016

“Rapid Response has a robust portfolio of features and services, which will benefit our customers immediately,” said RFI CEO Dee Ann Harn. SSI Staff · March 15, 2016

The Department of Transportation created the competition to fund research and development into Smart City projects. Rodney Bosch · March 15, 2016

The guarding and consultation firm said the McRoberts purchase would augment its own maritime capabilities. SSI Staff · March 14, 2016

The French company is in talks with potential buyers for the Morpho security unit it is selling because it doesn’t fit with the company’s other businesses, CEO Philippe Petitcolin told reporters. SSI Staff · March 14, 2016

Casinos provide ample opportunities for security integrators that are willing to learn the intricacies of working in this unique market niche. Surveillance Systems Inc. President Todd Flowers, one of the vertical's leading security integrators, provides insights on how to succeed in the gaming space. By Erin Harrington · March 07, 2016

Honeywell CEO David Cote said on Wednesday that the company's dropped merger bid with United Technologies was "an incredible deal" but that he would not get hostile with UTC trying to force a deal. SSI Staff · March 03, 2016

Connecticut legislators are debating a bill that would allow police to use armed drones in some crisis situations. SSI Staff · March 03, 2016

CCL Industries will acquire Checkpoint Systems, a manufacturer of loss-prevention solutions for the retail and apparel industry, for approximately $443 million. SSI Staff · March 02, 2016

The new Sentry division was launched in response to client requests to provide 24/7 protection in-and-around homes, offices and outdoor facilities. SSI Staff · March 02, 2016

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