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Security cameras at the Southwestern Middle School in Lafayette, Indiana captured an EF-2 tornado as it hit the school November 17th. SSI Staff · December 04, 2013

Man charged with fraud in banana peel fall. Authorities charged Maurice Owens after investigators say he faked an injury on an elevator after tossing a banana peel to the floor. SSI Staff · December 02, 2013

A short How-To video describing the installation of Advanced Technology Video's 16 channel Network Video Recorder. SSI Staff · October 17, 2013

The closed-circuit video, released by the FBI on Wednesday, shows Alexis arriving at the Navy Yard in a rented Toyota Prius, entering Building 197 with a backpack and moving through the hallways with what appears to be a sawed-off shotgun. There is no audio, no footage of victims and no images of Alexis firing the weapon. SSI Staff · September 25, 2013

An Aberdeen UK woman has been driven mad by her faulty burglar alarms. The sirens, which were as loud as a jet just after take-off, didn't stop blaring for 29 hours. Barbara Wyness, 74, said two alarms in her home security system went haywire and the piercing screams refused to stop despite the frantic efforts of friends and family who tried to shut it off. SSI Staff · July 29, 2013

In the spirit of ESX 2103 in Nashville, Micro Key Solutions brings you their version of the Garth Brooks Country Classic 'Friends In Low Places'! SSI Staff · June 10, 2013

ADT's CMO Tony Wells goes undercover in his own company on reality television. SSI Staff · April 17, 2013

Micro Key's contribution (the best one yet) to the Harlem Shake craze! SSI Staff · March 23, 2013

2013 ADS Jackson Tennessee Training Video......Harlem Shake Style SSI Staff · March 19, 2013

Polite robber in Seattle, Washington, apologizes for robbing a gas station cashier at gunpoint. SSI Staff · March 02, 2013

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