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Other videos include a German Shepherd's incredible escape from an animal shelter and a woman jumping on a thief's car as he tried to drive away with her purse. SSI Staff · October 03, 2016

Other videos include a woman shooting three burglars and killing one, a hit-and-run caught on camera outside of the World War II Museum, and the abuse of a St. Bernard at a doggy day care. SSI Staff · September 26, 2016

Other videos include a million dollar jewelry heist caught on camera, a deadly takedown of a shoplifter and a man attempting to break into a home twice. SSI Staff · September 19, 2016

Other videos included in this week's Top Surveillance Videos include a woman being attacked by large group of teens in Brooklyn, a shooting and robbery of a man watering his lawn, a woman stealing a puppy from a pet store, and more. SSI Staff · September 12, 2016

This week's videos include thieves breaking into homes, cars and stores, along with footage of a fatal police encounter inside a Walgreens store. SSI Staff · September 02, 2016

Videos this week include a gas station gunfight, a person passing through airport security with a gun, the robbing of a Family Dollar story and more. SSI Staff · August 29, 2016

Check out all the top moments in video surveillance from the past week, including the video that may prove Ryan Lochte and his teammates are lying about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio. SSI Staff · August 22, 2016

Check out all the top moments caught on video surveillance from the past week, including a dose of poetic justice when a man attempting to burn down a business lights himself on fire instead. Stephen Sellner · August 15, 2016

Check out all the top moments in video surveillance from the past week, including dramatic footage of a mother giving birth suddenly in the hospital lobby. Stephen Sellner · August 08, 2016

Watch all of the top moments captured on video surveillance, including a man who broke into a house, stole a wallet but stayed to watch the couple sleep on the couch. Stephen Sellner · August 01, 2016


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