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Utah Residents Uneasy About Nonresponse Policy

Residents in Murray, Utah, believe the city's nonresponse policy to burglar alarms make it easier for potential intruders to break into homes and steal property.

Latest in Alarm Ordinances

The Avondale (Ariz.) City Council has expanded the duties of CryWolf False Alarm Solutions to help curb false alarms. October 16, 2013

The Atlanta Police Department has contracted with a third-party vendor to administer a new alarm management program that is being implemented after the city enacted a series of amendments to its existing false alarm ordinance. September 17, 2013

The Memphis city council has approved the second reading of an ordinance to change provisions for repeated false alarms. July 02, 2013

The Lincoln (Neb.) city council approved an ordinance that penalizes business owners and residents for false fire alarms. May 06, 2013

As part of a new ordinance to reduce false alarms here, city council members Monday awarded a contract to Cry Wolf False Alarm Solutions to administer a new alarm management program. May 01, 2013

Since implementing a fee-based program to curb false alarms in 2010, this city has collected nearly $500,000 in false alarm fines and registration fees. April 16, 2013

The city council here has approved an ordinance to help combat false alarms. Since 1998, Greenwood Police Department officers have responded to more than 34,000 false alarms, with only 168 being actual alarms. April 03, 2013

In this blog, Ken Kirschenbaum shares his thoughts on the city of Flint's (Mich.) decision to charge alarm companies for false alarms. Ken Kirschenbaum · March 24, 2013

The Pittsfield city council has approved the first reading for a false fire alarm ordinance. March 13, 2013

Officials here have filed 37 lawsuits against businesses and organizations that have failed to pay thousands of dollars in false alarm fines. December 03, 2012


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