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10 Simple Dos and Don’ts for Better Cybersecurity Smarts

SecureXperts CEO Darnell Washington offers a list of cyber "Dos" and "Don'ts" that security installers can share with their clients and use in their own businesses to protect against cyber attacks.

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Security integrators enjoy success by providing state-of-the-art solutions for customers. Having the technical know-how as well as the field technicians to deliver excellent solutions to the facility management team is how they stay in business. December 02, 2012

Homeowners who may never have thought about installing a security system are now getting marketing flyers in their monthly statements and seeing ads on television. The idea of adding a home security system is being increasingly planted into their minds. What does that mean going forward? It may mean the end of traditional home security providers as we know them today. October 31, 2012

Have you ever considered inviting your chief to speak at a local association meeting? Or how about requesting a meeting and offering your assistance in dealing with the false dispatch issue? September 30, 2012

While there is certainly a strong argument to be made for the better functionality provided by the speed of 4G-enabled systems, it’s not the only one. Nor is it the most important. September 03, 2012

Are you reelin’ in the years? Wondering where they’ve gone? As a thirty something-year veteran of the security industry, I find myself doing exactly that lately. They say change is inevitable, but from my perspective, I say recent changes are making the industry I grew up in seem almost unrecognizable to me. July 31, 2012

It is time the electronic security industry reconsider its value proposition and the stakeholders that we serve. March 15, 2012

The world we woke up to on that clear September day 10 years ago was in many ways vastly different than the one we live in now. That world was before robust wireless networks, smart phones, broadband, GPS and a host of other technological advances that make us feel safer today. Our ability to track people, check identities and access infinite amounts of information via the Internet is leaps and bounds ahead of what was possible then. September 04, 2011

Magnetic reed contacts are not only the first line of defense in an alarm application, but also the least expensive and most reliable product for a building's perimeter. Recently another technology that uses a metal can and a little ball was featured in SSI's March issue ("A Breakthrough in Alarm Switches"). The article discussed the advantages of a particular sensor device while tearing into present reed-switch based technology. June 29, 2011

There was a time if you asked me what effect the AMPS cellular sunset would have on my world or what 3G or 4G cell service was, I couldn't have told you. However, since joining the security industry five years ago I've learned a lot more than I ever imagined possible about alarm communications. March 30, 2011

As a systems integrator, no doubt you have been have sounding the interoperability drumbeat the past few years, calling for  “true integration” between components of network video or access control systems ... December 19, 2010


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