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How Perimeter Protection Is Improving Rail Line Security

New project opportunities in securing railway infrastructure exist for those installing security contractors that learn this market niche’s unique needs. An important piece to the equation is applying…

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A traditional sales approach will not cut it when trying to market a recurring revenue portfolio. Learn key steps to introduce and implement a successful services model. April 08, 2012

Like any merchant that utilizes an electronic billing system, installing security firms need to safeguard their clients’ private data. Learn necessary procedures to defend against credit card scams and other payment cons. March 14, 2012

Installing security contractors can stimulate their firms to be financially sound, but many fall well short of providing sufficient preparation to achieve maximum success. Find out how to evaluate if your team’s abilities are being fully realized. February 07, 2012

The IRS has stepped up its efforts to recover revenues from unscrupulous tax filers while certain tax breaks have expired. Here are the nuts and bolts to ensure a trouble-free tax season. January 08, 2012

Applying wireless technology is a mostly painless process even for the most traditional-minded installing security contractor. Learn about basic system advantages, organizational cost savings and customer benefits. November 20, 2011

Consumers are beginning to clamor for mobile device applications that allow them to stay connected to their properties in meaningful ways. Discover how to give them what they demand. October 11, 2011

Most installing security contractors are mindful that service is fundamental to the well-being of their business. Alas, some companies lack the marketing expertise to take advantage of this RMR opportunity. Learn how skills sets required to effectively market service are far different from technical product sales. September 12, 2011

A new reward program by Pelco by Schneider Electric will help security companies build their businesses and increase profits, according to the company ... May 04, 2011

Quality control assurances for any security or fire/life-safety project must include the use of code compliant cable. It is incumbent upon installing contractors not to fall prey to inferior or counterfeit products ... April 21, 2011

With a goal of growing its national accounts business to more than $100 million in three years, Protection 1 has purchased a portion of Sting Alarm's national accounts client base, the company announced today. February 23, 2011


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