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How Perimeter Protection Is Improving Rail Line Security

New project opportunities in securing railway infrastructure exist for those installing security contractors that learn this market niche’s unique needs. An important piece to the equation is applying…

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We’ve all been there. You need a new car. When you first start looking, it’s fun and exciting. Then you figure out what you want and compare it to what you can afford, and some of that excitement changes to nervousness and anticipation. By the time you get to the dealership and the lot vultures, er, auto sales professionals approach, your blood pressure has gone up ... February 29, 2008

Security professionals across the United States need to be aware that skyrocketing energy costs and efforts to stem greenhouse gas emissions are likely to impact their businesses by way of new conservation regulations and standards ... November 30, 2007

Security installation professionals attending the 2007 ASIS conference in Las Vegas — or any other industry show for that matter — can bring back more than an armload of brochures, CDs and all those ... August 31, 2007

Many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief now that April 15 — “Tax Day” — is in the rearview mirror. For others, though, the fear of being hit by an audit is providing cause for anxiety ... March 31, 2007

The alarm industry has long been anxious about exposure to the legal liability presented by security and fire alarm systems. The sales, design, installation, service, maintenance, testing and monitoring of these solutions all have the potential to threaten a contractor with litigation ... Jeff Zwirn · February 28, 2007

Dubious? Consider that you are already in the home. You have established your expertise in home electronics and wiring. And you’ve established your capacity to deliver products and services ... October 31, 2006

July 31, 2005

April 30, 2005

July 31, 2004

Appropriate contract clauses can limit security contractors' liability exposure. Despite this, many dealers alter or exclude these important provisions, possibly negating their insurance coverage. Exculpatory, limitation of liability and third-party indemnification clauses should always be included in an alarm company's contract. August 31, 2003


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