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Looking to 2016: Security Pros Dish on Most Pressing Issues

SSI asked eight security professionals for their industry predictions for the upcoming year.

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Make sure you are not making one of these 5 mistakes that can jeopardize your business success with a new client. SSI Staff · February 11, 2016

Expanding its national footprint via organic growth, AISG now operates seven locations across the United States. SSI Staff · February 05, 2016

GE, one of the best known companies in corporate America, is moving its headquarters from suburban Connecticut to Boston, the company announced Wednesday. SSI Staff · January 14, 2016

SSI asked eight security professionals for their industry predictions for the upcoming year. Scott Goldfine · December 23, 2015

The FTC claimed that LifeLock violated a judge’s order requiring that it properly safeguard sensitive personal data like Social Security, credit card, and bank account numbers. SSI Staff · December 18, 2015

Amy Kothari, Anastasia Bottos and Kelly Bond will spend a chilly night in Philadelphia to help raise funds for Covenant House's Sleep Out: Executive Edition. SSI Staff · November 19, 2015

The security company used on the set of Game of Thrones have come across serious cash flow problems, resulting in the company running out of money. SSI Staff · October 21, 2015

Pomoting a team culture vs. a tyrannical culture is key to running any successful business. If employees are raving fans of the business, customers will be more likely to rave about the business as well. Mark Matlock · October 13, 2015

MKS, a security alarm company, completed its rebranding process with the launch of its new website. The company also changed its name, logo, color scheme and tag line as it celebrated its 30th anniversary as a company. SSI Staff · October 07, 2015

Honeywell Security Group and Honeywell Fire Safety are combining to form the new Honeywell Security and Fire business, the company announced on Tuesday. The move will allow the company to offer a better portfolio of its products and security solutions. Stephen Sellner · September 17, 2015

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