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Economy to Put a Crimp in Convergence?

The financial panic has permeated the international economy, and businesses everywhere are finding little escape from the epidemic. How would you like to be ...

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The financial panic has permeated the international economy, and businesses everywhere are finding little escape from the epidemic. How would you like to be ... November 30, 2008

Last month we talked about the power of brand names in an entrepreneurial, solutions-oriented, and only ... October 31, 2008

The security industry is unique. How many industries comprise thousands of companies that offer risk September 30, 2008

The energy crisis is a real yo-yo. As a barrel of oil approaches $150, President Bush recommends lifting of the offshore drilling ban and Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens talks about wind and natural gas on network TV. Almost immediately, oil nose-dives to $125 a barrel. But what happens when the Congress refuses to lift the ban? Will it go up again? The situation with biometrics is ... August 31, 2008

As an Irish kid growing up in the melting pot of New Jersey, I commonly heard the popular Jewish expression, “Oy vey!” (actually from the Yiddish language). It was used to convey seemingly anything from the absolute delight in the birth of a bouncing red-cheeked newborn to a parental lament to an unexpectedly poor report card from the protégé. However, in general ... July 31, 2008

Is the convergence trend revolutionizing the fundamental structure of the security industry? Based on everything we know from all the research in the J.P. Freeman Co. 2008 convergence market report, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Looking ahead 10 years, how many changes ... June 30, 2008

There are trends that affect every industry, and business planners supplying those industries have to make the determination to ride them or — if they feel their self-interests are not well served — ignore them. The decision to get involved is pretty simple. The opportunity is laid out along with a rationale and the investments required. Sometimes a backup appraisal of the “price to pay” for ... May 31, 2008

Call it convergence, call it IP, call it networking — call it whatever you want — but the similarities between this year’s presidential primaries and what’s going on in security departments everywhere are ... April 30, 2008

We’re now negotiating a period of industry history in which digital technology is yanking security and IT users into shared operational responsibilities, integrators and distributors into shared bi-channel supply management challenges, and manufacturers into ... March 31, 2008

Manufacturers, dealers and integrators probably locked down their 2008 budgets two or three months ago, and now we’re approaching the end of the first quarter. This will reveal just how good each company’s market analyses was when they finalized their numbers late last year, and it will show what the early chances are of reaching the full 2008 ... February 29, 2008


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