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How Security Dealers Can Sell Structured Wiring in a Wireless World

How can a Wi-Fi analyzer help security dealers sell more cable? Channel Vision’s Darrel Hauk demonstrates.

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In years past alarm technicians operated under the assumption that combination burglar/fire alarm panels were not allowed on commercial fire jobs. One reason is that many ... November 30, 2008

SSI Staff · September 30, 2008

It’s important to know what type of cable to use in a fire alarm system no matter what the situation. Not only is it important from a functionality standpoint, but it’s also important because your clients must be code compliant in order to satisfy a number of concerns, such as an insurance company or ... August 31, 2008

I can remember at an early age the mystery in learning a secret code. It was a way to feel important because only you and a select group really understood how to communicate with this order of the secret code. Now that we are older and either have, or are working on, a profession the fancy of childhood codes has passed. But as some have learned ... July 31, 2008

Q: Now that I am having to connect more and more residential alarm panels to an Internet connection I am looking for suggestions to make sure I have a reliable connection to the central station. Any suggestions? June 30, 2008

As part of a new construction project, you install a camera with a fixed focal length lens. What happens when the user isn’t happy with the resulting view? You change the lens. What if you add a card reader to a system and there is a protocol compatibility issue? You swap out the reader. Fortunately, these problems have relatively simple solutions. But there’s one aspect of such a project that usually isn’t so easily remedied: ... December 31, 2007

Q: I have been having a lot of trouble with technicians labeling cable on new installs. Do you have any suggestions that would help do a better job? November 30, 2007

Richmond, Ind.-based, Belden now offers new generation PLTC circuit integrity (CI) cables for industrial systems. SSI Staff · April 30, 2007

September 30, 2005

August 31, 2004


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