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A Look at Network Monitoring and Security

Monitoring Matters columnist Peter Giacalone discusses an area of security and revenue that is often overlooked — network monitoring and security.

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In a time when every penny counts, why is it that many owners fail to stay on top of maintaining the highest value possible for their companies? Peter Giacalone · July 12, 2011

Subscriber attrition is the dealer's and central station's kryptonite. Attrition is a real problem when times are good and sales are growing, it's even a greater challenge when times are rough and sales are shrinking ... Peter Giacalone · March 08, 2011

How about that news of last week regarding the sale of Connect America, a provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS), to Rockbridge Growth Equity? Considering the economic climate and the lack of consistent M&A activity in the PERS channel, this is ... Peter Giacalone · January 26, 2011

Although the following famous saying is sometimes over used, it is most appropriate for the start of this blog ... Peter Giacalone · December 21, 2010

Although I have touched on the following subject before in my “Monitoring Matters” column, a recent experience has compelled me to bring it up again in this blog. Simply stated, it is essential to your customers well being and ... Peter Giacalone · December 01, 2010

I guess if I am going write a blog that holds dealers' feet to the fire, it should come at a time when I'm not at the helm of a central station ... Peter Giacalone · November 03, 2010

Mergers and acquisitions are always hot topics. I enjoy discussing this subject and especially take pleasure in being involved in such transactions. I thought this would be a good topic to bring up on the heels of the ... Peter Giacalone · October 18, 2010

Dealers and integrators who have taken the time to explore the value proposition as well as the inner details of services such as remote video monitoring and remote access control are seeing results. Peter Giacalone · September 09, 2010

Welcome to my blog. I'm Peter Giacalone, I have spent my entire career spanning over 30 years in the electronic security field. Peter Giacalone · September 09, 2010


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