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Cloud Video Revenue Prospects Are Sky-High

Few security areas have garnered more buzz of late than cloud-based video surveillance services. Offsite video data management offers end users enticing advantages and integrators big-time growth opportunities.…

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Prism Skylabs of San Francisco releases its real-time access and offline analytics app for the retail market. SSI Staff · March 31, 2013

The latest innovations in cloud computing are making business applications even more mobile and collaborative. Find out how to deliver added value to end users that creates recurring revenue without the need to deploy physical infrastructure. March 31, 2013

Video monitoring services are ready for take-off in a big way. By Mark Matlock · March 06, 2013

Hosted video services are one of the most promising areas for installing security contractors. Yet questions persist about how these services work and the technology’s benefits. Here are straightforward answers on how hosted video can increase RMR, reduce installation/service costs, and improve customer satisfaction and retention. March 06, 2013

A partnership between Protection 1 and I-View Now will allow the electronic security provider to offer cloud-based video services to its customers. October 01, 2012

Innovations in physical and logical access control are giving integrators newfound opportunities to provide end users with greater system capabilities. Find out what’s going on in the realm of managed/hosted cloud-based alternatives, HSPD-12/FIPS-201 federal government compliance and near-field communications. By Rodney Bosch · September 03, 2012

The role of cloud-based services is being increasingly accepted and adopted by users in all parts of life. In the realm of video surveillance, a cloud-based system might provide video management software (VMS) and enable access to video views from any of the company's IP cameras, all connected securely to the system via Internet. July 12, 2012

In the latest Advisory Board Forum, ASG Security President and CEO Joe Nuccio discusses reaching for the cloud to create new RMR. June 05, 2012

Brivo Systems, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) security management systems, has launched a dealer program to help installing security contractors develop new streams of recurring revenue and achieve long-term growth. May 02, 2012

For a good many attendees to ISC West 2012 — integrators, consultants, suppliers and end users alike — you might say they had their collective head in the cloud. By Rodney Bosch · May 02, 2012


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