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Cloud Video Revenue Prospects Are Sky-High

Few security areas have garnered more buzz of late than cloud-based video surveillance services. Offsite video data management offers end users enticing advantages and integrators big-time growth opportunities.…

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Why cloud-based computing will create new RMR streams for access control and video surveillance. By Jay Hauhn · April 19, 2012

Smart home cloud-based services revenues, which include home monitoring and energy services, will reach $5.8 billion worldwide by 2015, according to new research. November 01, 2011

Nearly half of IT executives have reported a security lapse with their cloud services provider in the past year, according to a survey by Trend Micro. June 13, 2011

Cloud-based, or hosted, services are among several newer technologies leading security integrators out of the recession. SSI’s seventh annual Systems Integration Study shows renewed optimism amid rising returns paced by leading-edge offerings such as managed access control and high definition video. However, the data also details some lingering stagnation ... By Scott Goldfine · April 03, 2011