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Cloud Video Revenue Prospects Are Sky-High

Few security areas have garnered more buzz of late than cloud-based video surveillance services. Offsite video data management offers end users enticing advantages and integrators big-time growth opportunities.…

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How do you think cloud-based solutions will benefit your company? April 30, 2012

Monitor Dynamics of San Antonio introduces the iTRUST access control system, which delivers the simplicity of traditional access systems combined with the power, flexibility and remote management capacity of the cloud, according to the company. SSI Staff · April 24, 2012

Why cloud-based computing will create new RMR streams for access control and video surveillance. By Jay Hauhn · April 19, 2012

Smart home cloud-based services revenues, which include home monitoring and energy services, will reach $5.8 billion worldwide by 2015, according to new research. November 01, 2011

Nearly half of IT executives have reported a security lapse with their cloud services provider in the past year, according to a survey by Trend Micro. June 13, 2011

Cloud-based, or hosted, services are among several newer technologies leading security integrators out of the recession. SSI’s seventh annual Systems Integration Study shows renewed optimism amid rising returns paced by leading-edge offerings such as managed access control and high definition video. However, the data also details some lingering stagnation ... By Scott Goldfine · April 03, 2011


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