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Should Alarm Dealers Indemnify Their Suppliers?

When and how should indemnity contracts be applied in the alarm industry?

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When and how should indemnity contracts be applied in the alarm industry? Ken Kirschenbaum · April 22, 2016

Some business, including security companies, are trying to lure in new customers with offers of "no contracts," only to see the terms and conditions that coincide with the offer. These kinds of tactics are risky from a legal perspective. Ken Kirschenbaum · March 31, 2016

Continuing to use outdated alarm contract forms is almost as bad as continuing to sell and install obsolete alarm systems, argues SSI columnist Ken Kirschenbaum. Ken Kirschenbaum · January 14, 2016

The company’s stock price is up almost 24% after announcing in a SEC filing it received confirmation it won a U. S. Postal Service contract worth $250 million over 10 years. SSI Staff · November 24, 2015

Security Sales & Integration contributor Jeff Zwirn shares why security systems integrators never want to use never use burglar alarm contracts or homemade contracts for CCTV surveillance systems. Jeff Zwirn · August 26, 2015

How can your security systems integration company use contracts to tell if your sales team is excelling or putting the company at risk? Exari President of the Americas Terence Lee explains. By Terrence Lee · June 18, 2015

Why it is vital to educate the homeowner about contract terms. By Kevin Lehan · October 31, 2013

The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), a national public service agency, has awarded SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco business, a contract allowing the firm to offer simplified procurement of its products and services to 50,000 government and educational entities. October 24, 2013

Are non-compete agreements necessary when selling accounts? Ken Kirschenbaum answers in this blog. Ken Kirschenbaum · September 04, 2013

In this blog, Ken Kirschenbaum answers whether equipment corrosion is covered under the warranty of a standard sales contract. Ken Kirschenbaum · August 21, 2013


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