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Business Roundtable: Hurdles Aplenty, and Optimistic All the While

In an exclusive roundtable, executives from four installing security firms reflect on the current state of the industry as well as their respective regional markets. Find out which technologies excite…

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More dealers are grabbing a piece of this projected $7 billion market by adding structured wiring to their menu of services. Some experts cite lack of vision, poor training and unfounded skepticism as the main barriers preventing others from engaging in home networking. December 31, 2000

Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) verbally voted to exempt the channel frequencies in the private radio spectrum alarm companies and professionals utilize for field communication, monitoring and alternative transmission services, particularly long-range radio. November 30, 2000

Security Sales presented its 6th Annual Sales and Marketing Awards (SAMMYs) Aug. 28 at New York's Marriott Marquis Hotel. Nominees in 15 categories were saluted for savvy marketing efforts. October 31, 2000

Customers are running away, running out of cash and running to other providers. What's an alarm company to do? Facing attrition head-on, identifying its causes, determining reasonable levels, prudent business practices and premium customer service are paramount for keeping your account base from atrophying. September 30, 2000

Asking the right questions, understanding each client's needs and budget, building a system with room to grow, integrating access with burglary and CCTV, and providing training are the "face cards" necessary for sustaining a winning hand in this booming marketplace. August 31, 2000

Knowing the differences between digital recorders and digital storage systems, learning the technology's terminology and selecting the right compression format to store usable video are the keys to moving into the digital marketplace. July 31, 2000

The security industry has been one of the more reluctant trades to tap into the power of electronic commerce. However, developments in Internet technology, design methodology and dealer psychology are about to take product distribution to a new level. June 30, 2000

Central station managers offer a dozen key pieces of advice covering shifts, pay, training, benchmarking performance and operator retention techniques. May 31, 2000

Hot conflicts among ASME, NFPA and government regulations put installers in the dark when it comes to creating fire-safe elevator hoistways. The California Automatic Fire Alarm Association, among others, tries to provide a ray of hope that this code confusion may someday be eliminated. April 30, 2000

King Harris, CEO, cites Honeywell's ability to provide turnkey integrated systems as the key reason the industry's largest manufacturer sold. He says job losses will be minimal among Pittway employees. He also addresses the negotiations, the future of the company's brand names and the potential channel conflict with dealers in this executive dialogue. March 31, 2000


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