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Reeling in Resellers

It takes much more than mere products for wholesale distributors to lure dealers and integrators today. These suppliers are baiting their offerings with value-adds galore to catch resellers hook, line…

Latest in Distributors

Electrical and communications products distributor Graybar will expand its City of Industry, Calif.-based warehouse by 70,000 square feet to serve as a fully automated distribution center for its Southern California operations. July 29, 2010

Choosing a product or manufacturer used to be a lot easier. While it was full of complexities, your focus was traditionally on the product and its ... February 28, 2010

Our industry seems to continually experience a kind of ebb and flow when it comes to dealer programs. We have seen periods during which independent installing contractors are presented with many programs stemming from manufacturers central stations, finance companies, acquisition companies and a variety of full-service alarm companies By Peter Giacalone · October 31, 2009

Panasonic System Solutions Co. is offering its i-Pro Certified Reseller Program to promote education and training to resellers that enable them to design, implement and support new installations in the IP security market. August 25, 2009

Wholesale distributors have long provided value-add services and training to their dealer-integrator clientele, but nowadays the programs are more necessary than ever. With networked technologies perpetually shifting the electronic security landscape, a distribution partnership can mean the difference between thriving or not. By Rodney Bosch · April 30, 2009

Vector Security has acquired Washington, D.C.-based Cain Security and in doing so takes possession ... November 30, 2008

The agreement focuses on the hybrid systems that offer analog and IP video, cameras, IP technologies and video analytics. May 21, 2008

The partnership enables VOXCOM to distribute iControl’s Web-based Home Security 2.0 solutions, providing Web, mobile and in-home monitoring services through its retail channels and wholesale dealer networks. February 13, 2008

AvaLAN Wireless has established new relationships with three North American and nine international distributors to expand the availability of its products, bringing the total number of the company's North American distributors to 15. January 15, 2008

Integrators can now contact the distributor for Sony's IP video surveillance products. December 18, 2006