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Investing in Damage Control

Despite how careful an integrator is, sooner or later, you’ll make a mistake, personally or professionally, and it will cost you. The best you can hope for is to reduce the frequency of such mishaps…

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It seems to me that clients often measure the performance of an integrator by how well the company cleans up the metaphorical messes its made. I suspect that this is one, if not THE most important, factor when considering job performance and customer satisfaction. In fact, for many, this defines the actual quality of the installation. Bob Grossman · June 28, 2011

Based on some comments I have received from a surprising number of manufacturers, I'm going to write a "CCTV 101" type blog. Bob Grossman · May 24, 2011

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that innovation seemed in short supply at ISC West this year. That's not to say there wasn't anything new, just that you had to dig further to find it. So, digging I went ... Bob Grossman · May 03, 2011

In this blog, Grossman tackles what integrators can do when confronted with a bad RFP developed by a consultant ... Bob Grossman · April 26, 2011

I'm a big fan of the ISC West trade show, which is held in Las Vegas each year at the beginning of April. That being said, the show this year, at least for me, was more about what wasn't there ... Bob Grossman · April 19, 2011

In an upcoming study featured in SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION's April 2011 issue, research shows integrators are still using coax in 39 percent of new installations, so there is going to be a lot of coax out there for the near future ... Bob Grossman · March 29, 2011

Here, Bob Grossman responds to another comment from his previous blog entry, "To Bid or Not to Bid: That Is the Question." Bob Grossman · February 22, 2011

My previous blog entry, "To Bid or Not to Bid: That Is the Question" received a number of comments, and I would like to take this opportunity to respond to one of them here. Bob Grossman · February 07, 2011

Part of the value we bring to the table as a consulting firm is the ability to secure our clients competitive bids on their project(s). Our goal is somewhat different than that of an integrator. We want an embarrassment of riches — so many qualified bidders and competitive bids that the owner has to scratch his/her head to decide which of these excellent alternatives to select ... Bob Grossman · January 18, 2011

More and more of our projects involve networked systems and associated devices, and that inevitably includes cabling. And, as the price differential between the various category-rated cables diminishes, we are finding the temptation to provide the highest level of category rating possible throughout projects, whether or not it makes sense. If CAT5 is good, and CAT5e is better, isn’t CAT6 best? Shouldn’t we just play it safe and use it everywhere? Not necessarily ... Bob Grossman · January 04, 2011


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