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ComNet Self-Managed Ethernet Switch

The CNGE2FE4SMS by Communication Networks (ComNet) of Danbury, Conn., is a six-port, self-managed Ethernet switch.

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Communication Networks (ComNet) of Danbury, Conn., releases the CopperLine product line, multiple-channel Ethernet extenders, un-managed Ethernet switches and PoE mid-span power injectors. SSI Staff · October 02, 2011

ComNet of Danbury, Conn., introduces the CWGE2FE24MODMS, a 26-port modular gigabit Ethernet switch. SSI Staff · July 19, 2011

OT Systems of Oswego, Ill., releases the ET Series of Ethernet switches and media converter products. SSI Staff · May 31, 2011

Fremont, Calif.-based GarrettCom Inc.'s Magnum 6K line of managed Ethernet switches comes equipped with the company's managed networks software (MNS-6K) and has four 10/100 copper ports. SSI Staff · January 30, 2011

Based in Lake Forest, Calif., KBC Networks releases a series of environmentally-hardened, managed and unmanaged Ethernet edge switches (ES). SSI Staff · November 16, 2010

ComNet Communication Networks of Danbury, Conn., Comworx CNGE2FE8MSPoE, a high capacity managed Ethernet switch, provides power over Ethernet (PoE) to peripheral devices such as IP cameras and video encoders. SSI Staff · April 27, 2010

The system includes a combination of 130 Infinova pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) dome cameras, mini domes and fixed cameras. April 25, 2010

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